CMA Requirements & Benefits
o The ability to recommend for CMA participation
o Receive periodic newsletter
o Participate in world mission outreaches
o Access to affiliate only website
o E-mail access to 2 Timothy 4:5 pastoral staff
o Ministry support by telephone
o Network with other CMA affiliates
o Verification services

The benefits of the i Believe House Church are fewer than the list above. We highly recommend reading the CMA Ministry Manual to discover more about participation in the CMA.
o Complete a CMA application
o Maintain beliefs akin to 2 Timothy 4:5 (What we believe)
o Support the mission and vision of 2 Timothy 4:5
o Support 2 Timothy 4:5 financially (Financial commitment)
o Submit reports
o Strive to fulfill the CMA requirements (CMA Ministry Manual)
o Utilize the benefits available to me to fulfill my ministry
o Maintain credentials with 2 Timothy 4:5 Singularly
o Notify 2 Timothy 4:5 of changes to contact information with 30 days of changes. (including e-mail changes)
a non denominational ministry serving the Lord Jesus Christ
We encourage you to seek God regarding an affiliation with us. We are here for leaders who walk by faith, seeking God's provision and not man's. Overseer Scott Whitwam (Genesis 14:23)
But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.  
Church Ministry Association
2 Timothy 4:5
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CMA Affiliation
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The requirements of being part of the CMA need to be considered by each prospective affiliate prior to making application. Affiliate adherence to the CMA requirements after acceptance ensures that the purposes of the CMA will be a success. We have only listed a portion of the requirements and benefits and we recommend reading the CMA Ministry Manual as it contains a more complete listing of the requirements and benefits of the CMA.
Special modified provisions apply to International applicants, more information located on the International CMA page
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